How to Grasp Reality?

An international cinematography workshop held in Glasgow, Scotland.

From Łódź Film School:

Fifteen students from various parts of Europe participated in a workshop run by our cinematography Prof. Ryszard Lenczewski, Head of Cinematography Class, and practiced the skill of grasping reality.

The workshop took place at the Film City Glasgow premises.

‘I showed how to use in film that which you can see around you, how to reflect an atmosphere, and build a story. The art of cinematography is not about inventing new things all the time but the ability to use what’s already there. I take a lot of photos documenting what’s around me. So much has been already discovered! Grasping it still remains the most important thing though’, says Ryszard Lenczewski, who shared his knowledge and experience with the Glasgow workshop’s international participants. ‘The colours of the world which I see, its characteristic shapes, atmosphere created by specific sunlight different in different parts of the world – all this has to be recognized, evaluated and used accordingly – added the professor, an excellent cinematographer, American Film Academy Award nominee and two-time BAFTA award winner.

Edward Cairns, a young Scottish camera operator, had an idea for an international meeting of film people to take place in Glasgow. And he also had in mind Ryszard Lenczewski from the Lodz Film School as the person to run the workshop. As you can see he succeeded! Fifteen young film makers from Scotland, Ireland, England, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and Greece participated in the workshop. A week long workshop was organized at the Film City Glasgow premises whose interiors were specially prepared in terms of set requirements for the occasion. ‘Earlier I had specified my preferences for the workshop interior and was pleased to find the walls painted grey, which reflects 18% of light – it was possible to shoot almost anything there! I was really impressed how professional the people in charge of the workshop were.’, adds the professor.

‘I showed three films to them: Paweł Pawlikowski’s ‘My Summer of Love’ & ‘The Woman in the Fifth’ and Rowan Joffe’s ‘The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall’. We analyzed the challenges the DOP of these films had had to face and his choice of key visual means. Then – during the practical part of the workshop, the participants tried to recreate what I did on the set of those films and what I told them about my work’, said Ryszard Lenczewski. ‘It was an unusual meeting of people with different work experience coming from different environments and countries. And the Lodz Film School, due to my presence, contributed to the event as well’, says the professor.

The workshop was supported by top Scottish film firms: Panalux, Visual Impact Scotland & 3LA. Photography by Iness Rychlik.